Operation Re-build


Rebuilding Emmanuel Children's Home Foundation of Haiti

After Hurricane Matthew Destroyed the Area in 2016


The Emmanuel Children's Home Foundation of Haiti was founded in the early 1970's by Pastor Francois Maurency of Bombardopolis, Haiti. He started the orphanage solely on his love for children and his calling to lend a hand to the fatherless and motherless. In the early days the orphanage thrived and had many benefactors that helped with the running of the home and the upkeep of the buildings. However since the recession of 2008 the pledges slowly dwindled and the financial support dried up. With the recent onslaught of many natural disasters too the home has been left in a state of disrepair. At the same time the founding family and church were praying for help a collection of marine professionals were looking for a worthy cause to help post Hurricane Matthew. This website is in direct response of our desire to help those effected by the Hurricane but in building our relationship with Emmanuel Children's Home Foundation of Haiti our goal has evolved into long term assistance for them. If we all give a little they will be able to do so much. There are 24 children currently at the home but they have the space for so many more, once they have the safe environment again and people willing to donate.

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The Children of Emmanuel Children's Home Foundation of Haiti are so gracious and thankful for the help we have given them so far...Please find it in your heart to help with any of these remaining projects!


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(boys dorm)                                                                                                                         (bathrooms)


There are many sub projects at the home that need to be completed to enable the children a safe environment making sure they are living in suitable accommodations with adequate plumbing. Here is a brief list of what needs to be accomplished:




 roof2.jpg    roof_3.jpg    roof_4.jpg


Roof - needs replacing on all buildings. Once the boys dorm is fixed they will be able to accept more male orphans




 FloorFlooding.jpg    FloorMoreFlooding.jpg    FloorFloodingCleanup.jpg


Flooring - tiling the floors and shower stalls




 NeedsWidowScreensKids.jpg    BabyOrphan.jpg    HelptheChildren.jpg


Bathroom fixtures - need to be in all bathroom, they are currently using an outhouse with a hole in the floor




NeedWindowsSchool.jpg    DoorsNeeded.jpg    NeedDoorsSchool.jpg


Windows and doors  - most are missing, all need to be replaced, at least with insect screens




PaintNeededBuilding.jpg    PaintNeededWalls.jpg    PaintNeededSchoolhouse.jpg


Painting - all buildings could use a new coat of paint to brighten them inside and out